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Farming UK v1.2
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Farming UK v1.2

Hi and Welcome to farming in the uk map this map was made in July the 3th 2015.

Unpack UKFarming.rar file and move UKFarming to Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods\ .

This map have got lot of mods on it hope you like my farm

  • Lancaster
    2015-07-13 00:25
    download it, up zip file on desktop, right click on it went to extract hear. then i got 13 files, then i highlighted them all and then right click and then ( add to Archive ) put is as a zip put the name back to uk farming and then ok, then put the new nod/zip file in the mods this wot you need to do to get it to work
  • Smitty
    2015-07-13 08:24
    how the feck can this be "farming in the uk"when its bjornholm..with the house moved and a few sheds added....c'mon
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