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Farmville Map v2.0
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Farmville Map v2.0

* Multiplayer: yes
* Icons (sorta.. well it works.. kinda..)
* Field edges adjusted (fixed "you don't own this field" bugs)
* Field size (displayes correctly in the purchase menu)
* Field prices (adjusted)
* BGA mixer fault (only one was working)
* Shop layer (no flickering)
* Runs as zip (just place it in mods folder)
* Default vehicles (more and all supported by default game)
* Waterplane mod
* Fault in terrain level at railway
* Rotated some trees to make it look better


* Strawsale trigger (at the farm barn. Adjusted payout)
* Grass sale (Near the lake, coded it so it pays goooood)
* Carwash (at the dealership, need water fill to run)
* Smoke particles to lumbermill and biogas plant
* Compost facility (at the garden center)
* BeetMaster100k facility (at the farm and also BGA (it needs beets and potatos))
* Flags (at farm and on top of the mill)
* Details to lumbermill (logs, stacks, smoke)
* Sounds to lumbermill, lake and BGA
* Waterpump station
* Egg sell point

* Silo particle animation system (above my level of modding skills)
* Egg sales trigger doesn't display (not sure I can fix it)
* A lot of flickering going on. (Can't fix it)

* Proper icon coding.
* Stronger street lights (above my skills)
* Pig farm (just use a placeable mod)
* Butcher (again just use a placeable mod)
* MilkSilo system (Error in textures from mod creator)
* Straw bio gas plant (use the placeable version)
* More cash from start
* Fixing all flickering

FEEL FREE TO EDIT, SHARE, UPLOAD. I take no copyright at all.
If you don't like the map then learn how to edit them ;)

Original map by AKECHETA (New World Map) base map.
Completely modified by Rex and renamed FARMVILLE
Software: Giants version 6.0.3 / notepad++ / paint.net / SdcDev software / FS15 MS powerpoint//
Objects and buildings: Dutch Agricultural Modelling / JNJ modding / RC-Devil / Blacky_BPG / Niels_23 / Henkie_NL / AND ANY OTHER I MAY HAVE FORGOT TO MENTION, OR DON'T KNOW WHO CREDITS BELONG TO. PM ME IF YOU WANT ON!
Special thanks to SdcDev for support, ideas, testing and software.

  • Nick
    2015-05-08 09:36
    Cette map est toujours autant pourrie, vous pigez pas le soucis ? elle est nul !!!!
  • Bryan777777
    2015-05-08 09:38
    Fields too big, not enough decoration ya of the job to return her much better!!!
  • Ich


    2015-05-08 18:53
    warum keine milch und zuckerfabrik
  • Rdkjaer
    2015-05-08 21:52
    @ICH it's met to be a newbie map. Very simple and easy :) I only made it because I'd like to try and see just how big it's possible to get, and because there is a lot of tractors, combines, sowers etc that are so big it's hard to use them on any other maps. This map is not about realism at all.. Just about being BIG :D
  • Rdkjaer
    2015-05-08 21:55
    @ICH Es getroffen, um ein Neuling Karte sein. Sehr einfach und leicht :) Ich habe es nur, weil ich möchte, um zu versuchen und sehen, wie groß es ist möglich, zu bekommen, und da gibt es eine Menge von Traktoren, Mähdrescher, Sämaschinen usw., so groß, es ist schwer, sie zu verwenden sind alle anderen Karten. Diese Karte ist nicht über Realismus überhaupt .. nur darum, BIG: D
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