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Fazenda Pandora v2.0
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Fazenda Pandora v2.0

Este mapa foi adicionado mais 4 culturas: green wheat, oat, rice, spelled.
Requer para rodar: chopped straw, guille myst mod.


  • Terry
    2016-09-05 03:45
    the map is good but it has alot of problems that u cant us mods on it
  • Bulldog67
    2016-09-05 17:16
    i like it
  • Pablo
    2016-09-15 21:49
    hi been playing your map for two days had a lot of trouble in the store buying mods , but found out it was my multi fruit cutter. but I have just notice that the Digital read out isn't working. I wonder if you could fix this THANKS
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