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FDR Forestry Pack - Processor HOT FIX
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FDR Forestry Pack - Processor HOT FIX

Corrected some errors that caused large frame rate drops and a callstacks, Again these were fully tested within the game but apparently the errors did not appear until the machines were repurchased, This is a silly mistake on my part and will be corrected in future mod testing. This is the final major hotfix for the machine pack and should make everything work accordingly. thanks for your patience.

First Day Reviews

  • Daniel
    2015-09-10 03:56 Send message
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    how do you fix it on a tree? I have all other control figured out but the cutter tsits in the right position to cut when the arm is raised high only.
  • Jason
    2015-09-30 13:34 Send message
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    Nice machines. Processor is not a falling machine Daniel, it handles the drags brought to a landing by a skidder. Good work FDR. Ever think of taking on a cable skidder or yarder? Just wondering. Great equipment.
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