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FDR Grapple Loader v1.0
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FDR Grapple Loader v1.0

FDR Grapple Loader
Rotation: 0
Price: 300000
DailyUnkeep: 0
Brand: FDR
Category: Wood
Power: 750HP

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First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil

  • Grey
    2015-09-04 22:56
    I've been using the full pack for a few days, and this is by far the best claw in the game. However, as I nave been unsucessful in trailering this with several trucks and numerous trailers, please consider upping the drive speed a bit. Moving 3 machines from the shop to my logging camp tok nearly an hour at 3mph. If anyone knows a trailer that definitely loads these please advise me.
  • Name
    2015-09-05 01:31
    i had to load mine sideways on my trailer, worked for me
  • Kingjawz
    2015-09-05 01:41
    does the knuckle move for anyone cause i feel as if its missing something
  • Grey
    2015-09-05 09:44
    Name: thanks, will give it a shot. Kingjawz: Mouse: both buttons, Drag leftright. Controller: Left and Right Bumper buttons, Left Stick leftright.
  • Grey
    2015-09-05 12:13
    Kingjawz: Scratch that... Accidentally gave to the knuckle spin. The knuckle tilt on a controller is Left Bumper, Left Stick left/right. Not sure if the mouse control is the same haven't tried it and not in front of computer to check.
  • Punisher
    2015-09-07 02:30
    Worst grapple ever.
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