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FDR Liebherr Black Logging Edition v4.0
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FDR Liebherr Black Logging Edition v4.0

V4 Changes

- Increased Machine Height
- Greatly Increased Grapple Strength + Weight
- Fixed Braking causing machine to slide
- Lifted tires (can now clear old stumps without hang)
- Fixed Minor control and Collision issues

Unpack .zip to your mods to use

First Day Reviews

  • Guest
    2015-01-02 10:45
    not all of us drive with inside camera view only so please add an outside camera view
  • First day reviews
    2015-01-08 05:23
    After talking to a few people with the "store purchase problem" it seems that the "courseplay" mod seems to be the problem, if you are running that mod it will not work with this machine for whatver reason.
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