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FDR Logging Complete Pack (Error Free Final Release)
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FDR Logging Complete Pack (Error Free Final Release)

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Key Updates:
- All machines are 100% ERROR FREE! 
- Huge Improvement on Grapple Loader's Grab, doesn't drop trees anymore! + Much better handling of multiple tree grabs. 
- New Truck Chev Silverado 2500HD (not my model) 
- New Forwarder (not my model) 
- New Processor Black Color with dangle head 
- New Processor Red Color with Fixed Head 
- Made Hay Rack Tralier with Longer stakes for more logs 
- Added tons of various fixed to all machines 

This will be the last release until something major changes, I just wanted to do justice and deliver the mods all completely error free. Thanks to all those who enjoyed and supported me :) 

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  • Timberjane122
    2015-10-10 10:19 Send message
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    thank you for fixing the errors! I enjoy a clean console :) :) :)
  • J


    2015-10-10 11:05 Send message
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    Can you please upload this pack to modhub. instead of virus city. Thanks
  • Michael
    2015-10-10 20:01 Send message
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    the low bed trailer does not detach to load any thing on it the can't buy the skidder in the shop the feller buncher head does not set right so the errors were not fix on this mod
  • David
    2015-10-10 22:48 Send message
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    just tried out the new fixes. they work great. I enjoy the mods that you guys upload. keep up the good work.
  • Protobot
    2015-10-10 22:58 Send message
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    AlbertL is full of shit, the trucks are made by BIGCOUNTRY the American Eagles guys stole them, edited them and called them there own, this guy should be crediting bigcountry in his mods for the peterbuiltssive seen one of his mod video where he says he takes no claim to the trucks, but still man you need to credit BIG cause his stuff is the beskt, cool work on the other machines
  • Bowtie_boyy
    2015-10-11 20:34 Send message
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    How do you load anything on the lowboy?
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