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FDR Logging - Machine Pack v8
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FDR Logging - Machine Pack v8

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FDR Logging

  • Stephan
    2016-10-11 22:29
    nicely done
  • Nicolas
    2016-10-12 05:09
    holy cow these are the best logging mods i've ever used! great job FRD!
  • Matt
    2016-10-12 07:47
    How do you use the cutters and loaders? as far as opening the claws and moving the heads with all of the equipment?
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-12 19:52
    love FDR,s work, its the most realistic. ive run almost all of these in real life and they are pretty spot on. keep up the great work and cant wait to see you in 2017.
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