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FDR Logging Machine Pack + Bonus Northwest Logging Map
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FDR Logging Machine Pack + Bonus Northwest Logging Map

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Big Thanks to nt0xic0m for providing the models for the new trees on the map!

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* The Skidder, Fuel Truck, Low Bed Trailer, Log Trailer, Chipper, Kenworth and Machine Track scripts are not my models/textures I've only edited them to handle better with my logs and maps the original talented artists that I know of are TIMBER131, Big Country, ombelius and FT modding. I'm simply releasing my edited versions in this pack due to the large request for it, I take Zero credit for the model and textures for those items! The other machines are models that I and other members of FDR Logging have purchased or personally put together for you to use free of charge.  

New Stuff 

- New Trailer Mounted Log Loader 
- New Wheeled Feller Buncher 
- New Forwarder 
- New Included Map

*Fixed buncher blade so it sits flat*

All machines have had dozens of tweaks done to them to make them more effective for logging, way to many to list, the new map included in this pack has more trees and revized physics to support the machines perfectly.

FDR Logging