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FDR Logging - Machine Update v1.0
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FDR Logging - Machine Update v1.0

FDR Logging Complete Pack

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Key Updates 

- All machines have better textures with new cubemaps for nice reflective metal (pretty pretty) 
- All machines have new SFX, recorded directly from cabs of real machines 
- All machines have increased speed (only slightly faster)
- All machines have rescaled tracks to suit machines better
- All machines have brighter better lights
- Processor is now a fixed head again (too many issues with the dangle version) 
- Processor claw has been replaced by a much more responsive grabber 
- Processor has new body and new cab
- Grapple Loader has been resized to a more realistic size
- Grapple loader has new claw, (better loading)
- Feller Buncher has new larger cutting head 
- Feller Buncher is now able to cut more than one tree (see video) 
- Feller Buncer has better cutting all around 
- New machine (Dangle Loader) 
- New machine (Swing Cab Forwarder)

Please note that there are some mono sound errors in the console, I have done this on purpose to get a desired sfx for stereo sound that would 
not be possible if converted outside of the game. 

Model/Script Credits

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil, DarkBlaze, FT Modding

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil, DarkBlaze, FT Modding

  • Jacky
    2015-11-14 22:49
    Joli pack de machines, mais je ne trouve aucune remorque pour les transporter, et des que j'en trouve une elle passe au travers, avez vous une remorque adequate en projet ou une a me proposer ? merci
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