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FDR Logging - Machine Update v2.0
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FDR Logging - Machine Update v2.0

- All machines are lighter
- All machines have much better speed, torque and control with the track system
- Weight balances have been made to make them more realistic
- All machines are now only 10$ at the store, this is for people starting a new game with no money cheat
- Better Grapples, Better Saws, Better Everything!
- See video for more info!

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil

  • Jacky
    2015-12-20 20:10 Send message
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    Merci, super mods
  • J


    2015-12-22 02:46 Send message
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    Would like to have the new equipment but mediafire does not allow me to download files. tried numerous times. Please put a another download option on this!
  • Daddy-j-760
    2016-02-24 19:16 Send message
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    SAME AS J i can not download from mediafire PLEASE SET A DOWNLOAD THROUGH MOD HUB i need these machines please
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