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FDR T650 Feller Buncher v1.0
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FDR T650 Feller Buncher v1.0

Be sure to read the "how to setup controls" guide inside the zip for non joystick users.

- Fully fuctional buncher head that cuts and pivots
- Cutter head is setup similar to the Scropion except its stationary for cutting.
- Clear Forests Fast!

**Known Issues**
- Some clipping can occur when trees are handled very violantly
- tracks are still not 100% perfect, they can get highcentered on stumps and sharp hills
- No farmer In Cab
- May not work with Course Play Mod
- Blade on bottom of buncher head doesn't spin, tried lots of things but it won't spin yet, maybe a future update

please report problems and questions to [email protected]

Possible Original Authors of used models and Scripts (if im wrong im sorry)
Fredzaza, Ombelis, Navan, Martynas

happy logging
(next upcoming mod will be a skidder with grapple, no ETA on that though)

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil

  • Guest
    2015-01-20 23:17
    Nice job!
  • Name
    2015-01-20 23:45
    when will the skidded be on mod hub and it dose not work on work thats this one but it is so good
  • Gast2
    2015-01-20 23:57
    The idea is 5 Stars but the Tracks and Tilt aggregat donĀ“t work... The Controls is so terrible, why can not all Modders make the same Controll ? Thats crap...
  • Tractordude98
    2015-01-21 18:31
    What is the snowy map?
  • Guest
    2015-01-22 11:47
    that is awesome!!! can you convert it for fs 2013?
  • Dave
    2015-01-22 21:18
    Whens the v2 dissatisfied with this we need a v2 to sort out all the problems
  • Guest
    2015-01-26 19:22
    I can't get on my mod
  • Dylan
    2015-01-27 16:04
    best mud I can download your mod but I can not buy him or my mods can see me maybe your help all fixed thanks
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