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Featherville V1
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Featherville V1

An edit of nebraska land by eenix feather and my mod pack.

Welcome to Featherville. FEATHERVILLE is a nice farming community somewhere in DELEWARE, USA. Many carrer oportunites await you on a small, medium, or large farm.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and wide open spaces. Abundant farm ground with plush meadows and plenty of activities. Plant fertilize Wheat, Corn, Canola, Barley, Soybeans, Potatoes, and Sugar Beets. There are areas for logging and BGA for silage.

The main large farm has all the animals along with feed storage. Many grass fields to help feed the mass amounts of cattle in the feedyard. Plenty of fields are planted with a variety of crops. Play by yourself or invite some friends one player can manage but two helps. Sheep and Chickens have been removed.

Map: Feenix Feather
Pack: Me

  • Pijko
    2016-02-24 13:03
    2 Questions:1. Why is it about impossible to download over modhub? After 3 or 4 tries it sometimes starts....2. Whith about every map shown by Thomas, there are lots of pictures, but very seldom one of the pda. Why not since this is the first reason for me at last to check and see if I want to download a map or not?
  • Feenix
    2016-02-24 17:29
    Well enjoy this error filled piece of crap. The fixed version that we use in our 911 videos will not be released now. Thanks TDog!
  • Iplay
    2016-02-24 20:40
    Hey feenix i checked the log file and didn't find any errors just warnings about some sound files missing this is the first version you relesed back last year
  • Tdog55
    2016-02-24 22:52
    feenix I didn't realease your map someone hacked my account. I have not realsed any files of yours
  • Tdog55
    2016-02-25 01:41
    Wayne whats wrong and let me know
  • Haha
    2016-02-25 05:23
    I fixed the issue no problem.......
  • Thanks a lot fs community!
    2016-02-25 22:02
    I was realy hoping on that map. I really like FS 911 by Feenix. Thanks a lot Thomas.
  • Mr.gamerwolf
    2016-02-26 03:37
    I am your #1 fan feenx
  • Mr.gamerwolf
    2016-02-26 03:38
  • Jim


    2016-02-26 05:33
    In case you all haven't noticed.......NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS STUPID ASS GAME ANYMORE...........QUIT YOUR WHINNING.......THANK YOU!!!
  • Chunt89124
    2016-02-27 16:55
    I downloaded this map and now the game won't run how do I fix this
  • Jay


    2016-02-28 04:35
    will map with out soil mod?
  • Dylan
    2016-03-01 22:15
    i am your #1 fan feenix and i like all your mods
  • Waldo
    2016-03-02 01:01
  • Nathan
    2016-03-03 00:27
    I was looking in the mod maps and saw this I live near this farm and its cool I live in hartly Delaware so its col to see a Delaware farm
  • Mason
    2018-03-20 18:07
    Does this map come with any fire mods Feenix like the ones you use in fs911
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