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FedEx Mack Truck v1.0
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FedEx Mack Truck v1.0

FedEx painted single axle Mack Truck.

JRD84 made this piece of shit.

  • Jrd84
    2015-12-02 00:21 Send message
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    LOL look at these cry babies the but hurt is real.
  • Lone tree ridge farms
    2015-12-02 00:30 Send message
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    Sounds like Bart Mannings still butt hurt. BTW Bart and mack arnt modders there editors. If you dont see that then your too stupid to waist my time on.
  • Farmerboy69
    2015-12-02 00:36 Send message
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    Bart Mannings and mack are lovers and need to be together just like there piss pore edits they made
  • Procobator
    2016-07-18 04:19 Send message
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    This truck will have issues with courseplay. It stems from the ackerman steering values. You will nave to adjust them.
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