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Felling 30FT Trailer NEW WHEELS v1.0
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Felling 30FT Trailer NEW WHEELS v1.0

This is the Felling 30FT Relesed by my mod team ReMax Modding, My main team member Replay Gaming relesed it before.

Things Changed:
– New Wheels
– Suspension Work
– New Cubmap
- Duramax_Nation modder

Duramax_Nation modder, Replay Gaming

  • Dede
    2016-04-21 16:40 Send message
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    Bonjour ou trouve t-on la citerne a eau svp
  • Ass wipe andrew
    2016-04-21 17:43 Send message
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    Here comes Hot Head Andrew..... Should have been smarter than that . its common frikin sense you give out mods to weird ass people and they up load them hahahahah but her the version that got edited and released was way better than your Just saying
  • Crying children
    2016-04-21 22:41 Send message
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    and here goes the cry babies who got butt hurt because they shared a mod and someone leaked it for everyone to enjoy. the ultimate tip every modder should live by is. if you want your stuff to stay private don't share it with ANYONE. not even other modders or who you think are your friends. it only takes one person to share it with another and then it ends up here.
  • Minecraftman5335
    2016-04-21 23:41 Send message
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    its perfect!!! for my mowing business im starting on farm simulator 2013
  • Blacky
    2016-04-22 08:15 Send message
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    i downloaded this on modhoster but there is a problem with the trailer the ramps won't go down needs to be fixed good mod though
  • Duramax_natiion
    2016-04-22 14:01 Send message
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    No, They work with mouse controls.
  • Duramax
    2016-04-22 14:05 Send message
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    For all the retards, I relesed this. Didnt even give it out so, Keep your mouth shut.
  • Aidencox
    2016-05-01 16:19 Send message
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    is this for 2015 or 2013
  • Ash1223
    2016-09-05 21:44 Send message
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    obviously 15
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