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Fence v1
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Fence v1

Hello everybody!
I offer you here today my first self modeled on Mod. It involves a fence.
This must be installed with the Giants Editor. A placeable version is not made from my side.
Who wants to take over the can like to do.
Error messages and feedback is quite welcome. Simply use the comment function sense!

Please remember that this is my first "steps" with 3dsMax / was. I am well aware that one it easier
can do. I will publish in the future other things.

Now what Basics:
In all my mods, except I would explicitly point out that there is only a limited release for X or Y, is true,
thus making what you want. If you want it, "improve", does this. If you are willing to re-upload or elsewhere herein do
this. No matter what you have in order before it does. It would be nice to call me in the credits. If you think you have me there
remove, do so! -D Is my sausage. I want to give my part to "Give & Take" to community. I believe,
I may the more I give, the more take me. Those who have nothing to give, which gives recognition and respect!
-Just My two cents-

Have fun with the mod!
Black Sheep! 3.90


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