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Fendt 1050 Canada v1.0
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Fendt 1050 Canada v1.0

Fendt 1050 by David Qc
Special thanks to Vasilisvasilis Modding for accepting my project!


  • Warondar
    2015-05-15 07:07
    As a Canadian eh, I have to approve eh.So a big thanks eh.Just kidding with the eh.Ok, not really. That's how I really talk. hehe
  • Freestate farmer
    2015-05-15 12:36
    Nice but it slides with a trailer and if it is 500hp, why is it struggling to get up hill with a 60 000 trailer at 6 km/h ? Can not even use it for plough because hill maps it goes side ways with a tool at the back. Fix that and I will give 5 stars. Now only 2.
  • Davidqc
    2015-05-15 16:37
    I am concient the little problem especially when it slides .This will be resolved and a fix version 2
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