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Fendt 1050 vario grip
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fendt 1050 vario grip

fixed open/close door
add sun visor,work with IC


  • John
    2015-11-10 22:51
    Thanks steph3354 for allowing us to have this quality modJohn
  • Steph3354
    2015-11-10 23:01
    thanks JHON,i work so much for this mod fendt 1050.
  • Buster
    2015-11-11 00:22
    the best fendt by far,thanx
  • Steph3354
    2015-11-11 00:40
    Thank you, i reworked this FEndt with blender, reconstructed the collisions, the masses, physical, corrected every bug and errors which i have find.it is a completely new tractor. fixed error and bug.thx for comments and good game(set,play).
  • Johnny b
    2015-11-11 06:28
    Almost perfect, very nice job. If the dual wheels had collision and left tyre tracks it would be perfect. Great job anyway cheers :)
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