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Fendt 1050 Vario v4.0
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Fendt 1050 Vario v4.0

The Fendt Vario 1050 is a completely newly developed standard high horsepower tractor of the Fendt brand.
With a new performance class of 500 hp, it is especially designed as a powerful tug on the world market

Price € 429,000
Under STOP 50 €

Switchable dual tires
Switchable tire weight
Working light front and rear separately switchable
V-max: 62 km / h
Weight: 14,225 kg

The mod does not need to be unpacked!

Comments are closed since eh nothing useful comes out !!!
Meaningful information that has to do with the mod you via PM !!
And as always:
This mod is built according to my ideas, it is not forced to download.

The mod may be published on other sites only and exclusively under the ORIGINAL LINK
The mod may be published on other sites as long as the ORIGINAL LINK ONLY will be used!

siwus, Gerry

  • Matrix50
    2015-05-26 21:55
    it is so ugly and so bad performed and poor texture o error in the pixel. min's with many multi detaier than dung you lavet..hvis I hve how I can send to the picture of my I would do it .. it's good enough the ugliest I've seen of the Fendt 1050 ..
  • Nothanx
    2015-05-27 03:10
    Ya.. when an uploader states "comments are closed because no good comes of it" that translates into POS mod and the author knows its a POS mod but does not want others to state that it is a POS mod.
  • Will
    2015-05-27 14:27
    no different to V3 attention to detail has gone a miss in this mod when on full lock the wheels are in beside the engine and also while on full lock take a look at how the wheels are attached to the axle as for comments are closed why bother uploading the mod if you cant take critisism a little more time spent on the finer things then you could open up the comments again lol !!!!!
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