Farming simulator 2019 mods
Fendt 414 Vario TMS v2
2 0 0 2450

Fendt 414 Vario TMS v2

Ploughing Spec v2 [Key F7]
Hand animation
Speed Display Control
Dynamic Exhausting System v3
Rpm Display Control
New Wheels
Animated Hydraulic
ESLimiter and Operating Hours
Full lighting
Foldable beacon lights ( key num4)
Twin Wheels [key NUM 7 and NUM 8]
Power Shaft Attacher
Wheel Particle Spec
Indoor Sound
Front Loader Console on the button [key Z]
FrontLoader Aloe
The log is clean
Please extract the contents of the archive into the folder “mods”.

Autors: RTK-LS, Kondziu25, JDFan, roller90
Script: fruktor, Tobias F, Manuel Leithner, Sven777b, Burner
Hand Animation: Lechu & Aranea
Edit: kesukas

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