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Fendt 926 Favorit v0.9
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Fendt 926 Favorit v0.9

Hi everyone,
Here's a Fendt Favorit 926 (BETA).
Basic version was the Fendt 926 favorite "sven18koehler and GeneralX".
This mod was created by James08, sk8mike, created Agrotron130.
He was revised by us in this sense only.

In addition, the following was changed

from LS13
- Part of new AO, aloe console, new tires, new sound and other fixes. (Farmer133)
- Handling minimally optimized & XML edited. (The820Vario)

For LS15 (BETA)
Texture again adjusted (AO)
-Fehlerfrei In SP
Corrected Forgotten Face on the rear axle -

-> This is a previous version (BETA).
This means that some errors may occur despite more.
-> In addition, we have so far only had the opportunity to test in the SP (Single Player). If this mod problems on the server or normal MP (Multiplayer) prepare,
then we will say so please!

- It is strictly forbidden him to put on the DL in another version!
- Please use the original DL link!

Now we hope you enjoy! ;)
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The820Vario & Farmer133

Wurstgurke: Urmodder der vorherigen Version (V1.0)
Bearbeitung dieser Version: The820Vario & Farmer133
Dank für die Scripts gehen an: Manuel Leithner, Sven777b, Burner, modelleicher, Tobias F., Templaer.
Für Reifen und Felgen: Ago-Systemtech
Urmodder: James08, sk8mike, Agrotron130
Ein besonderer Dank geht an " GeneralX " für die Freigabe des Modells.

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