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Fendt 9460R Black Beauty v1.0
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Fendt 9460R Black Beauty v1.0

Fendt 9460 R Black Beauty:
This high-rotor combine attains new
Dimensions in harvesting technology, provides a high throughput
and a clean threshing with a high job performance.

This is a special edition with special paint
Grain tank capacity: 12334 l

Cruise control:
Activate by pressing button 3
1 = slower cruise control, 2 = Cruise control faster
Maximum speed: 32 Km / h

Manufacturer: CAT
Name: Caterpillar C13
Displacement: 12.5 liters
Max. Power: 342 kW / 465 hp

Board Computer

€ 297,500

Reapers and accessories:
AGCO PowerFlow 7.7 m high-performance cutting,
AGCO PowerFlow 9.2 m high-performance cutting,
AGCO PowerFlow 10 m high-performance cutting,
Cutting unit carriage for PowerFlow reapers,
Corn cutter 9 m

Fendt 9460 R BB TT:
Drive: Atrak crawler drive

To hang the PowerFlow reapers to avoid, simply reset this to the court.

Working Light
Reversing light
folding grain tank
animated PTO
fully animated reapers including collection
fully animated grain tank filling
internal speed display (board computer)
foldable corn cutting
Cutting Leveler

free choice of color in maize cutting

PowerFlow 7.7 m, 9.2 m and 10 m: wheat, barley, canola
Corn Harvesting: Corn

PowerFlow table functions:
adjustable reel with the mouse

Reapers on Schneiwerkwagen dock / undock:
The PowerFlow reapers are the Schneiwerkwagen with coupling key
(Default key = "Q") coupled

If the cutter lies on the cutting unit carriage loosely, the cutting unit carriage is initially tense.
Then the Q button is pressed, can be set off.
Upside down it goes like this: Press G to last symbol white makiert, then press Q.
Then drive carefully forward or full speed so slow down the cutting something slips backwards or forwards and the Ankoppelsymbol and disappears, then press Q to the
Depend Header Trailer.

Or the second option: G key until the penultimate symbol white makiert and (get) and to bring Q, then tighten a tractor before the cutting unit carriage, then Q, then E again in the combine to the cutter from cutting car.

Author: Golim

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