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Fent Lowboy v1.0 Final
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Fent Lowboy v1.0 Final

This is a low loader from Fent it should be perceived an old original by. (Something from the original departed) ...
Costs $ 9,500 in Ls Shop.
I Think additonally nothing more to say.
Hope you have fun with it!
This license applies to all our absofort mods on Modhoster nich on the website !!
The mod is free for everyone and must be modified by each and re-uploaded !! (I want trozdem get a little message that you have changed the mod and now new high laded)
I do not want, and therefore, the same mod same textures, etc ... on irgent one side in a new light for download. Please use for the original download link from uploaded.net. of us !!!
Thank the Modders

Game Crystal Modding Team

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