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Fertilizer and seed production [placeable] v1.0
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Fertilizer and seed production [placeable] v1.0

Finally no more Seeds2 it's done, necessary yahoo

Thanks to a new method from the US you can finally make money off Schei..e.
Nah not print, but produce fertilizer and saves known hard money earned.

Production Fertilizer:
Production building fertilizer + manure and liquid manure

Production seed:
Produktionsgeböude seed + Grain & Fertilizer

Cost of acquisition: € 27,500
Weight: raw materials per 20,000 L
Final product per 60,000 L

Daily costs for maintenance: 10 € - Costs for electricity are not incurred as solar farms.

Support is under http://www.buure-forum.de/
The mod can be installed on Maps, published and changed, but not offered without my permission to download.

Modell: SanAndreas
Script: Marhu
Idee / Konzept: SanAndreas
Tester: HoT Online Team

  • Sanandreas
    2016-06-09 21:49
    Nice my mod, with ur downloadlink, pls delete this mod!
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