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Fiat 88.85 v2
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Fiat 88.85 v2

Fiat 88-85 s.o.m.
Credits: -modello 3d fs11 by Bosco
– conversione FS15 by Peppe978
Lavori effettuati per la conversione:
sistemato modello 3d , create texture , create animazioni , aggiunte zavorre aumentabili di 20kg per volta fino a 100kg, tetto removibile.
animazioni: tetto removibile: Key 7
camera indoor spostabile dx e sx: tasto dx del mouse
barra traino mobile: tasto sx mouse
zavorre aumentabili:key y
Consiglio: se usate la driveControl attivate il 4wd (tasto shift+4 5 6)
Iscrivetevi sul forum: Farming Simulato Italia

Fiat 88-85 s.o.m.
Credits : -template 3d FS11 by Bosco
– FS15 conversion by Peppe978
Work carried out for the conversion :
arranged 3d model , create texture , create animations , added ballast can be increased to 20kg at a time up to 100kg , removable roof.
animations : Removable Roof : Key 7
Room indoor movable right and left : the right mouse button
Mobile drawbar : Left mouse button
ballast can be increased : key y
Tip: if you use the DriveControl activate the 4wd ( shift + 4 5 6 ) button

Peppe978 – Bosco89

  • Gadevil
    2016-04-17 22:22
    Thomas, I know things are getting bad now. I've known for ever that you upload things that others create, but to see you uploading something with the original link that so blatently violates Giants Terms of Service by SELLING mods is something I never thought I would see. This mod COSTS MONEY TO DOWNLOAD.
  • @gadevil
    2016-04-18 19:31
    The first link is free, the second costs money. Looks like its optional to buy it
  • Gadevil
    2016-04-20 21:12
    Either way you look at it, the creator is selling the mod, due to the fact that UL pays the uploader after a certain number of downloads. That is why so many people use it, so they can get that little bit of money from it. Then to outright sell it, which is such a blatent violation of Giants, that is something that is sad to see.
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