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Fichtelberg 2K16 v1.3 FINAL
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Fichtelberg 2K16 v1.3 FINAL

Hello and welcome in the small counter Fichtelberg in the south of Germany. When acquiring these Modmap for Farming SImulator 2015 you expect small but also large fields, fields on the hillside, but also fields which are easy to master, without a lot of horsepower. The area houses a train station, a general store and a BGA that you supply in the course of time, and farming is must. Also, the work to be learned in Fichtelberg with the cows must. I hope you like it there just as well as me. Now I wish you a lot of fun, and los g eht it!

Version 1.3 FINAL
added sawmill
buy seedlings
GMK installed
Meadows & Fields added & processed

Faking the Map ->
There are cows
2 outlets
Steep fields
No start fleet (Björnholm Setup)
There are 8 fields
Also for weak computer (2GB RAM +)

SO, now I wühscne you have fun with the map. If you have questions, or errors, are only just support under Simu4you.de or on my Facebooksete 4x4 Modding

Modell: GIANTS, 4x4 Modding, GoldFox, LS Modelle
Idee / Konzept: Calli, SImu4you, 4x4 Modding
Tester: Die Community von Simu4you

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