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Field com v1.0
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Field com v1.0

With the field sell-Mod can buy boxes more convenient and also sell.
Operation (similar to the Siloverkaufs-Mod): keep alighting, right CTRL key. Field selection screen and high screen down. Perform action then ENTER.
All ads are in the F1-box on the upper left instead!
In MP you can of course only as a host or as an admin.
Who grad wonders: The script comes from my grab bag of LS13. Since I have not published it because the Bank of Hagenstedt the function of Felderkaufens and -verkaufens already had. Since there are (to my knowledge) no Bank of LS15-country alternate I you here now available after I've dug for me earlier. New for the LS15 puts away the chainsaw is only (disturbs the phone with the broker).
Oh yes: After taxes, notary fees and you shall reckon with half of the purchase price of your soil.
Think about it: land speculation is not worth it;) (But who needs 38 field ...)

Skript: upsidedown
Artwort: eribus

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