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Fields Of Green V2
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Fields Of Green V2

Welcome to Fields Of Green V2. The Setting..A small town called GreenField USA where you can now choose to
create your own fields or buy one of seven grass covered fields. What was added is a new sale place for grains,
Chickens2, and the CompostMaster, You will need a trailer that hauls compost, And the ZZZ_CompostSoil mod.
Here in the US some farmers do not have the storage space for grains so they take it to town for storage.
So you will find you can store your grains at one of two places. One by the BGA and the other over buy the BIOCEL mill.
Loading of grains is only at the one by the BGA. And GreenField had a heavy rain storm so now you can get water for free.
Other then that I also made a few small improvements the only thing not updated was the PDA map..Have Fun.

Credits for mods used in this map are in the folder of the mod, If the person or persons listed any?

Giants, And all the good people that make mods for the game.

  • Farmboy002
    2016-02-16 21:46
    And before I forget again. I'm not sure how accurate I got the fields sizes and prices? But hopefully there close? And you need not feed the chicken2 silage I tried to remove it from the PDA screen but no luck...And I wanted to charge a fee for grain storage but I do not know how to write scripts...Hope you enjoy the map?
  • Andrew
    2016-02-17 00:31
    Is there chopped straw and soybeans on this map?
  • Farmboy002
    2016-02-17 01:54
    No...on the chopped straw...Yes on the soybeans....
  • Tallguy
    2016-02-17 03:04
    after 10 minutes of not loading i gave up
  • Bosquillon
    2016-02-17 21:58
    se bloque a10 pourcent en multi encore un modeurs du dimanche .
  • Farmboy002
    2016-02-18 04:12
    On the CompostMaster I forgot to put the right file path for the compost particles when you load a trailer. So it looks like something is going into the trailer. My Bad :blushnew: Here's how to fix it...Open the map in G.E. and find the trigger that loads compost click on it and in the user attributes put this in. map/models/extra_stuff/Kompostier_Anlage/PS/unloadingSoilParticles.i3d :this: Now close the map it should ask you if you want to save the changes.. Click Yes
  • Frito
    2016-02-19 16:23
    Hey, just wondering if you could make the changes with GE and re-upload the map, would love to try this out for my Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1jmhztvtflEUv8bgzqV_A
  • Farmboy002
    2016-02-19 21:43
    Fixed version has been uploaded FRITO...
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