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Files for MAN TGS forestry Pack v1.0
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Files for MAN TGS forestry Pack v1.0

This is not a stand-alone modification!
Only the edited files, which are very easy to replace.
The release of Timber131 is still pending. Should I get them, I'll upload Mod completely.

That reminds me of the conversion has succeeded, I want any prospective least send the files.

MAN TGS forestry Set V 2.1 of Timber131 and SpeedySC1978

All XML files have been rewritten to LS-standard since patch 1.4.1.

Control of the crane with Giants Steering Wheel + console just like the Stepa or Ponsse Buffalo
Control of the crane with the mouse as usual

The patch 1.4.1 is a prerequisite!

1. Download both Mods
2. Unzip both zip files into a separate folder 2
3. Replace the modDesc.xml in the root directory
4. Replace the 4 remaining XML files in the Scripts folder
5. zipping the newly created folder
6. Copy the zip file in the mods folder
7. have fun

In the shop, the Pack can be found at Forestry equipment.

I have carried out the installation procedure and found no errors.

Who do not like the sound washing machines, which should serve here:
I would also be able to sound the same signature, but Black Beauty77 is no longer accessible. So no release.

MfG Bolle

Timber131, SpeedySC1978

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