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Fillplanes Parti Clean Imation v1.0
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Fillplanes Parti Clean Imation v1.0

Hi Guys
Today I want to introduce you to a tutorial which ye properly the Fillplanes and ParticleAnimationsin can install your map. (Seed seed, fertilizer, lime, seed stained seed2, compost
Notepad ++ is needed with basic Kent Nissen, installation time is approx 5-10 min
Are included in the zip. -all Fillplanes and Parti Clean Imation with matching textures -Anleitung with Ex. for Bantikow Map -Example Lua (will not on any map operation) -Multifruit module (copy and replace in the mods folder)
Should have managed their installation should like the pictures Ausschauen =)
I wish you much fun when installed in your or any other map
This tutorial was written by Ludwig Bauer this is permitted in writing ..........
The map in the pictures is currently under construction questions are not answered it and deleted without comment
and as always! ..
This tutorial may not be changed without the consent of the modders and not re-uploaded!

Bauer Ludwig

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