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Firemen Bjorn Holm Einsatzleitung v1.0
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Firemen Bjorn Holm Einsatzleitung v1.0

Hello there,
I have the fire department gepäckt Bjornholm use line in.
And they would like to ask you for download. :)
The 1 times with the purchase in game it takes a little longer. Please be patient !.
this mod has several functions.

Now to the mod:
Price in shop: 50.000 €
Maintenance costs: € 5
Boot Mast: Press the " N "
Antenna extension: Press the " M "
Side open & exit: press the " X "

mod this has none and has interior of the stairs no Colli's !. is used to drive around.

Info on all other:
If you think you do not need in LS15 FIREFIGHTER then this mod commented simply NOT!
so now I wish you much fun with the :)
Your Fire_King_112


  • Moi


    2015-09-04 20:00 Send message
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    I love it, thanks
  • Zorlac
    2015-09-06 15:20 Send message
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    Salut bordel ta pas peur...ta pas marquer SERGE 44 dans les crédits... ferme ta porte à clés le soir, il risque de venir chez toi... personnellement il ma menacer de mort alors fait attention à toi.
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