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First Day Reviews - FDR Logging Pack
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First Day Reviews - FDR Logging Pack

FDR Logging Pack

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Key Updates 

-2 New Processors 
-New Grinder 
-New Chipper 
-New Log Sorter Machine 
-New Lowbed
-All Machines have fully animated tracks (FT MODDING CREDITS) 
-Grapple adjust balance (dangle) 
-Exhaust Fixed (flows upright) 
-Fixed see through spots on loader bodies 
-Fixed glowing tail on skidder
-Better saw cuts on all cutting machines 
-fixed Axis on buncher claws for mouse controls 
-fixed lighting on multiple machines 
-Texture fixes on all machines 

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  • J


    2015-09-26 08:26
    Machines are great! Nice improvements. The processors and loaders need to have the same speed as the log sorter.
  • Dave
    2015-09-26 20:08
    Like the improved equipment. I like the fact the new processor can pick up logs. It make piling way easier when the sorter isn't around.
  • Dude
    2016-12-10 04:41
    is this for 15 or 17
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