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First Day Reviews - Forestry Pack v3.0
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First Day Reviews - Forestry Pack v3.0


This mod does not work properly with the "Courseplay Mod" 

Make sure you OPEN the main zip file and take out the zip files for each machine and put them in your mods folder, dropping this 1 downloaded zip into your mods folder will not work you need to take all of them out) 

Also make sure you read the guides included inside this zipfile for setting your controls. (the games controls are backwards to real machines, thats why I have them reversed for my dual joystick setup, I have included an easy guide for reversing the controls. 

Next update will be a bit longer of a wait, im working with a new modeler to get some proper looking butt n top and buncher cabs made up! 


- T650 Processor With Woodcracker Head 
- T200 Knuckle Boom Loader 


T650 Feller Buncher 

- New Model + Color 
- Fixed Particle system cuts 
- Made cut node more accurate 
- Fixed Track Weight Issues 
- General Balance and control tweaks 

T200 Butt N Top Loader 

- Smaller Longer Tracks (better Stability) 
- Improved Grapple Grip 
- Fixed Right track rear issues when climbing hills 
- Better turning 
- General Balance Fixes 

T220L Grapple Loader 

- Fixed Grapple more rounded claws picks up logs way better 
- Improved Grapple Look
- Smaller Tracks, Better Balance 
- Better Collision walls on head
- Darker Color 
- General Control Tweaks

(The other machines only got minor fixes, Not listed) 

If you are having problems with crashes or issues using these mods try the following

- Make sure your game is up to date 

- Try removing all your other mods except mine to make sure another mod is not causing the crash. 

- Try to start a new game and see if the problem exists 

- Make sure you extracted all the zip files from the main zip into your mods folder. 


I am aware that there are callstacks and a few other errors in the console, If any awesome modders out there want to help me figure out how to fix them shoot me an email cause I DON"T KNOW HOW TO FIX THEM! 

Thanks again for those who gave me help and support, Please continue to send me your bug and crash reports to [email protected] I'll do my best to help. 

Possible Original Authors of used models and Scripts (if im wrong im sorry) 

Fredzaza, Ombelis, Navan, Martynas

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil

  • Guest
    2015-02-13 15:07
    Sorry this is crap !
  • Name
    2015-02-13 17:52
    It's a work in progress and it's f-ing awesome. Modding is very hard, go try it.
  • Dave
    2015-02-13 20:57
    I have fun with these mods. Thanks for the new machine it makes moving trees much easier.
  • Guest
    2015-02-15 02:04
    u got to unpack them form the zip foulder there in
  • Matthias
    2015-04-22 17:58
  • Disturrbed742
    2015-05-25 17:28
    from what I have noticed your missing the emissiveLightsShader.xml and vehicleShaderDirt.xml with in the zips causing some of the callstacks I did find missing textures and placing them in the needed folders the only issue left to be fixed is this.Warning: Loading file with invalid case
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