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First Day Reviews - Forestry Pack v4.0
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First Day Reviews - Forestry Pack v4.0

Forestry Pack 4.0  

This pack contains updates for all the machines mostly track and grapple fixes various other issues, please watch the youtube commentary video for more info!


- T200 Butt N Top Loader ShortGrapple
- Chev 2500HD Silverado

(please see the video for a commentary of all the new updates)

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  • Ty352fg
    2015-07-15 19:03
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    Guys,Have all the LUA script errors been fixed? We would like to use some of these on Multiplayer.Thanks,Ty
  • Petergriffinartor
    2015-07-15 21:21
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    Nice update version Hope you find modler to help with nicer looks on machine but I love themgood video comments explaining :) :) :)
  • First day reviews
    2015-07-15 23:17
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    Hey Guys, Just Updated to 4.1 (Fixed issues with chevy model and exhaust as well as some braking issues on the skidder,) If the above link has not been updated please download from the link in this video - https://youtu.be/QBjiMduXjP4thanks for your patience!
  • Rejeant
    2015-07-16 05:59
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    fichier zip pas bon erreur
  • Jbusa
    2015-07-16 06:36
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    Great mod and your right these guys and there dang mod theft thing such BS!! thanks for making my game experience better
  • Jordan
    2015-07-16 20:09
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    The left tire is gliched for me. one big track and 2 small ones
  • Name
    2016-01-25 20:44
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    how do you download this stuff
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