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First Day Reviews - Forestry Pack (Skidder, Loader, Buncher) v1.0
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First Day Reviews - Forestry Pack (Skidder, Loader, Buncher) v1.0

In this video I show off all 3 of the machines I made and how they function while im logging. Enjoy!
(Important, Make sure you OPEN the zip file and take out the zip files for each machine and put them in your mods folder, dropping this 1 downloaded zip into your mods folder will not work you need to take all 3 out)
Also make sure you read the guides included inside this zipfile for setting your controls.
Included in this pack is Version 2.0 of both the Buncher And Butt N Top also included is the all new fully Functional T70 Skidder!

Butt N Top + Buncher V2.0 Updates
- Fixed Tracks for both machines, they are way more powerful, faster and better turning no more hang ups on the ground, much smoother travel (Im sorry for the crappy tracks on that last release, im learning every day)
- Fixed Butt N Top Outrigger Collision overlap problems
- Increased Butt N Top Grapple Strength and sturdiness
- Fixed Camera Zoom Issues
- Lowered Saw Blade Cut Line on Buncher
- Improved Buncher Head Cutting And Control
- Fixed several other minor control, Stability and model issues

I Cannot guarntee that these mods will work with certain other mods, youll have to test that on your own. I had reports of some people getting crashes and others working just fine the problem seems to be with certain mods used in conjunction with mine, you need to sort through your mods folder and figure out which one is causing it to crash.
There are several Callstack and other errors that run in the console with these mods but they are still 100% functional on most peoples games, I don't have the knowledge to fix some of these errors as they are unknown to me in why they occur. I am not an expert at modding and im still learning, if you don't like the mods don't download them, its not like you have to pay for them ;)
Thanks again for those who gave me help and support, Please continue to send me your bug and crash reports to [email protected] I'll do my best to help.

Possible Original Authors of used models and Scripts (if im wrong im sorry)
Fredzaza, Ombelis, Navan, Martynas

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil

  • Guest
    2015-01-23 23:50
    all three of mod bullshit .... tractor glitches ... left trak has of brothers in 4 duplicate in front ... about small tractor even speech is not present JUNK ...
  • Guest
    2015-01-24 00:24
    your mods got a lot of potencial but still need alot of work on them. I hope you take the time to fix them because they would be very fun to play with
  • Guest
    2015-01-24 01:13
    good stuff man keep up the good work atleast youve got them all ingame and working its just fine tuning from now on choice!!!!
  • Guest
    2015-01-24 02:22
    i still cant load it on to the ingame trailer or mod trailers can u fix this plz
  • Name
    2015-01-24 06:39
    Amazing mods best log mod on internet now you need to fix little bugz but they are sooooo gooood cant wait for moar
  • Name
    2015-01-24 08:14
    A lot of potential.
  • Phil
    2015-01-24 13:30
    hello, how do you activate the third bailer to switch the timber please thank you for your mods
  • Guest
    2015-01-26 22:36
    tres bon mod le debusqueur verry good thank you
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