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First Day Reviews - Premium Forestry Pack v2.0
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First Day Reviews - Premium Forestry Pack v2.0

Pack Update 

The machines have tons of new addons and fixes, Also a new fully modeled skidder has been included as well as a new log trailer. I also included a Low Bed and Truck for loading. Please note that the Truck and Low Bed are NOT MY MODELS, they were made by "Big Country and Boss Modding" I'm just including them because ive edited them to pull my machines, I take no credit for those 2 

Key Updates
-All Machines now work with the Courseplay mod
-All machines now use more fuel in a realistic way 
-All machines now have collisons enabled on the body 
-All machines now have corrected tracks and wheel collsions 
-All machines now have proper store stats and Daily Costs  
-All machines turn much better (thanks landykid for the advice) 
-All machines Have proper Exhaust Effects
-Processor now has a new proper modeled Head
-Processor Head Cut distance adjusted no more random grabs 
-Processor Head has several fixed axis and ranges 
-Log Loader has stronger grapple, better grab and more stable 
-Log Loader has increased boom and grapple range 

Various other fixes have been made, enjoy!   

I don't care if you change the mod or edit it for your own use but DO NOT reupload these as your own on any modding sites or legal trouble will follow. I've spent over 350$ on these models, Im being very genreous by releasing them so I really hope people will respect my wishes to not reupload them.  

There are only a few minor errors in the log but nothing game breaking so enjoy!

Thanks again and as always any questions of comments feel free to email me at [email protected]

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil, Super Sexy Darkblaze

  • Name
    2015-09-07 17:28
    This is about the most crappy put together pack there is. Cant change log length on the cutter, cant even purchase the skidder from store it keeps saying error, the cojntrols are laggy as all hell. POS mod.
  • Fdr


    2015-09-07 23:29
    Sorry guys, I missed an issue on the skidder that doesn't allow it to be purchased in game, I have uploaded a hot fix for the skidder which will be on this site soon, You can download the hot fix from the description of the youtube video, sorry for the trouble!
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