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First Day Reviews - Premium Forestry Pack
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First Day Reviews - Premium Forestry Pack


So this is the exciting new forestry pack, The machines have all been remodeled with real life forestry equipment models. The models are not stolen or borrowed I purchased them myself and I learned how to make them work in FS. I wasn't orginally going to share these mods due to the cost I paid for them but I figured they would more than likely get out eventually so I wanted to be first to post them. 

They are still not 100% perfect but are a very nice upgrade from the old mods and nasty looking models we had in previous packs. 


I don't care if you change the mod or edit it for your own use but DO NOT reupload these as your own on any modding sites or legal trouble will follow. I've spent over 350$ on these models, Im being very genreous by releasing them so I really hope people will respect my wishes to not reupload them. 

There are only a few minor errors in the log but nothing game breaking so enjoy!
Thanks again and as always any questions of comments feel free to email me at [email protected]

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil, Darkblaze

  • J


    2015-08-28 03:58
    Great machines!! thanks for posting!!!
  • Richard
    2015-08-28 14:08
    der mod ist nicht zugebrauchen fahrzeuge zu langsamm anbau geräte bleiben nicht an ihrem platz sondern fliegen von gerät weg sollte man zuminndest so an bringen das sie nicht neben dem gerät sind und tempo erhöhen
  • Loggertim443
    2015-08-28 20:45
    Amazing Job!!! These are the best forestry machines you can get for this game, I sent giants an email telling them to put these in the xbox version, my friends want to play these so bad, thank you for sharing them and spending money!!!!
  • Kashir1338
    2015-08-29 02:14
  • Wrinklerdamot
    2015-08-29 12:24
    thank you thanks you thank you FDR!!!!
  • Jerry
    2015-08-29 16:15
    can not get the knuckle at the end to move what are all the controls
  • Kingjawz
    2015-08-30 16:48
    I agree with JERRY I feel as is your missing the last axis on the knuckle if we could move that they would be great
  • Jonathan
    2015-08-30 22:35
  • Punisher
    2015-08-31 02:12
    Controls where easy to figure out guys. Try pressing the mouse wheel in and moving your mouse or Ctrl + K / M or J / N
  • Grey
    2015-09-04 00:32
    On a 360 controller the nuckle tilt axis is Left Stick X axis (ie leftright) and Left Bumper. Jon: to spin the head on a controller is Right Stick X axis and both Bumpers. On a Mouse it's Left and Right Buttons and glide left or right. Not sure if there is a KB control.
  • Grey
    2015-09-04 00:40
    These are quite nice. Though I wish the turn radius was a bit tighter and we could get a little more than 3 mph. Still these are my new favorites.
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