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Flatbed Trailer weld v1.0
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Flatbed Trailer weld v1.0

this is a welding trailer

put it togehter Andrew Bridgeforth

  • Farmerboy69
    2016-02-04 18:18
    I didn't make the welders, I found them on a european site, but you should of used the miller instead for something like a welding trailer, or even used both
  • John8430
    2016-02-05 00:57
    this is mine i want it down
  • Guest
    2016-02-05 01:03
    the mod auther said not rto release it with out talking to him
  • Guest
    2016-02-05 01:05
    the mod author said not to release it with out talking to himand i an the author andrewBridgeforth
  • John8430
    2016-02-05 01:18
    i am the auher and want it down
  • Donald koon aka farmerboy69
    2016-02-06 03:19
    this is the shit right here that made me want to stop releaseing my mods
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