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FLD 120 Fixed
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FLD 120 Fixed

This is BcBuhlers actual truck, fixed and ready for everyone to use, Please enjoy this great mod, as it is what the community can use to have a great time playing a great Game!


  • Bcbuhler
    2016-04-17 20:46
    Actually it's the 2 month old version of my truck personally I would leave the skirts full length since the AO on the fuel tank looks funny and your little chunk of skirt has a bunch of splits in it.
  • Guest
    2016-04-18 04:40
    I will drive BCBUHLER version thanks anyways
  • Donald
    2016-04-18 11:48
    They are still way under scale.
  • Bcbuhler likes the cock
    2016-04-18 18:59
    bsbuhler giving advice, nice to see.
  • Bcbuhler
    2016-04-19 02:00
    Donald compared to the ingame stuff the scale is right on a lot of the trucks that were converted from 13 like the T800 are overscale if you compare them to the ingame stuff.
  • Greg
    2016-04-19 08:51
    Yea I'd say the scale is spot on, nice that you took the time and thought to scale them for the in game machinery.
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