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Fliegl ASS 2101 Sandy Bay special v1.0
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Fliegl ASS 2101 Sandy Bay special v1.0

I was on the Sandy Bay Map of oxygen david
that you really only with small transport - can play units.

To change this situation, I have the standard - Fliegl ASS 2101 optimized for the map:
- Both axes made steerable (The trailer comes around every corner!)
- All crops the map entered (standard + rye, barley, sunflower and compound feed)
- Color choice for the rim.

As some users Performance - have problems on the Map, has been dispensed with unnecessary files.
Therefore, the zip is - file as small.
Textures, i3d and all other files directly from your games - loaded folders.

Purchase price: € 47,258
daily cost. € 72
Capacity: 48000 liter
MfG Bolle


  • Exige722
    2016-02-28 19:03 Send message
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    Hey what map are you using to take the photos?
  • Kieran
    2016-03-19 18:52 Send message
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    that map is sandy bay just trying to help you.
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