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Fliegl DK 180-88 Set V1.0
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Fliegl DK 180-88 Set V1.0

here the Fliegl DK 180-88 with underrun protection.
The set is the light green and dark green.
Model is based on my other Fliegl turntable it gives to the DL.
The wooden structure was removed and the cover frame and the height of the trough easily vergößert.
The structure was wide adjusted in length, so that the whole is better suited to the chassis.
Everything else on the trailer is the same as its predecessors.
Both models run on standard script and are LOG FREE!
Must be even unpacked!
The patch 1.3 or higher must be installed!

update 04/02/2016
further corrections in the construction carried out and adapted
Gloss increased slightly
adapted diverse values ??in the xml

Lights, brake lights, reversing lights, turn signals
Tire tracks and tires dust
Tarpaulin frame fitted with tarpaulin
Open / close the Plane
Wheel chocks
washable (Dirty)
Built Various small parts

Load capacity: 18000 liters
Downloadable fruits: Standard

Model: Giants / speedy77 CEM)
Texture: Giants / speedy77 (CEM)
Ingame / remodeling: speedy77 (CEM)
Substructure turntable: daniel11, modified: speedy77 (CEM)

Publisher: chaos-elite-modding


Re-uploading -also in modified form is prohibited.
Re-upload -Even if modified- is prohibited.
Re-upload (nawet ever? Li zmienione) jest zabronione.
I wish you much fun with the Mods!
MfG speedy77 (CEM Team)

Modell: Giants / speedy77 CEM)
Textur: Giants / speedy77 (CEM)
Ingame / Umbau: speedy77 (CEM)
Unterbau Drehschemel: Daniel11, modifiziert: speedy77 (CEM)
Publisher: chaos-elite-modding

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