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Fliegl multi purpose semi trailers v1.0
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Fliegl multi purpose semi trailers v1.0

I lacked a suitable vehicle for the boards of Mahru's paltzierbarem sawmill.
Then I converted me a semitrailer that can also drive the boards.

Basic model: GIANTS
Conversion to a ball-trailers: Unguided
Stanchions and rear part: Gnescher
Many thanks to both of them, they were so friendly and gave me her Ok.

The trailer can also be used for bales, for bales is a Ballenattacher available.
This holds the boards, but will not display that is secured charge. When the bale
it works flawlessly.

With the boards he comes very easily to tilt, if you want to fast around the curves. So drive carefully !!!
Have taken Gneschers system in the trailer and you can also back him elongata, if you want to load the boards.
When loading the boards, you should start at the front and let the pallets are present at the front. Have back in a summary Invisible Colli installed because it can sometimes be scarce. ;-)
For experienced then it should be no problem to load the boards.

Hope you enjoy it!

As always, here too, re-upload is not desirable, I decide in which file hoster it is made ??available to download.
Dissemination in forums is allowed only with a link to the original link and desirable.


  • Fred
    2015-04-10 22:49 Send message
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    will it be you to do the same for wool pallette
  • Thunderhawk09
    2015-04-13 07:30 Send message
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    Iv made one out of the 8m trailer and iv repositioned all uprights to clear the new Lizard board pallet clamp yours don't clear the back row sorry Ill slick to my 8 pallet setup where they are spaced far enough apart pallet fork is to big a pain in butt to get out in game
  • Thunderhawk09
    2015-04-14 06:37 Send message
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    Please Disregard my last post I Was Looking At One Thing And Posted On Yours Im Sorry About that
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