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Fliegl TDK Modular v1.1
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Fliegl TDK Modular v1.1

After a few hours tinkering, trial & error and NEM pot hole I've for you to Fliegl TDK 160 version as hardpoint.
Basically, I have the model left as Giants has provided. I have only installed the hardpoint extension of VertexDezign and accordingly added a few attachments.
Which are:
4 different tires to change (there are all changed, not individually)
To grow underrun protection
Fenders to grow (rear or front and rear)
Furthermore, I have installed color choice. Otherwise the truck has everything he had previously.
I will continue working on the project, as is planned for example to change the structure via HPE. But that will still take some time to complete, so please refrain from comments like that.
About factual and friendly comments / criticism I'm looking always, everything else is ignored. As the basic model of Giants is so you can of course do whatever you want. But I recommend the direct download;)
Finally, I want to thank VertexDezign for hardpoint extension, Cebulcjek / Appaloosa for tires and Giants for the model.


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