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Fliegl Timber Runner Wide v1.0
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Fliegl Timber Runner Wide v1.0

This set of two fliegl timber trailers is for those, who like original fliegl timber trailer, but cant load it with front loaders or big arm loaders. Every second partition was removed so there is much more place for loading / unloading. First one is 12m length (as original) and second is resized to 15m, so you can load up to 17m logs or 2 banks up to 7.5m.

Model: Gaints, kenny456
Texture: Giants
Idea / Concept: kenny456

  • Ford fan
    2017-09-20 22:00 Send message
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    very cool mod i too struggled to load logs on the trailer with loaders/wheel loaders so i finally got an auto load log trailer but a bigger 15 meter trailer would be nice to have any chance of doing an auto load version of the 15 meter trailer by chance? i love the idea of a wider trailer with auto load on the 15 meter i can haul way more logs without pulling double trailers.
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