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Fliegl tridem trailer v0.9
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Fliegl tridem trailer v0.9

I have a self-made Fliegl trailers here for you.
The trailer has all LS 15 standards such as light, washable and color choice.
Have built the trailer entirely of original game parts, only the tires of Cebulcjek. At this point again a big thank you to him for the general release of its TGS.

Capacity: 58500 ltr, kg or whatever
Sale price: 78039 $ LS
Ownership cost: $ 95LS

Although I tested the trailers extensively but should you notice anything else writes it in the comments. Criticism is also desirable, it should however be factual and polite. Comments such as "there is so not the real" bring nothing to anyone. I built the trailer for my ideas. It is modeled after any real role model and is it not also.
But now have fun with it...


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    Hi, is this for ETS2 ?If yes, how to convert to scs?
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