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Fliegl Universal Semitrailer autoload v1.6
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Fliegl Universal Semitrailer autoload v1.6

It carries all kinds of pallets from wood to products factory.
It is autoload and washable.

Version 1.6
Some improvements

version 1.5
- Fixed positions round bales

version 1.4
- Fixed positions for the caravels of milk
- Added more types of loads

version 1.3
- Fixed errors in the positions of the bullets

Original: Unguided, Mach1--Andy
Edited by: Arietes'x

  • Paul reed
    2018-09-10 05:18 Send message
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    How do I make it work? I downloaded and moved it to my mod folder but it doesn't show up in game.
  • Astrofarmer
    2018-12-12 00:14 Send message
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    @Paul Reed.. Yes some I've found need to be unzipped 1st.You right click the file and choose "Extract All."Click Ok to extract.The zipped file will open in a new window as a file folder.Double left click to open it.Then copy the contents in there.Then make a new folder & name it the same as the zipped one!Paste the contents of the opened folder you just openedinto that new folder and place that in the Mods
  • Green farms
    2019-02-04 06:16
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    This Mod do not work, it not show, and it cant be opened in game
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