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Foldable Ballengabel v1.0 Beta
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Foldable Ballengabel v1.0 Beta

This is a bale fork. Man can to enable them to jump or use of bales. On the road, you can fold up the fork dan per mouse. There, however, there's a bug. There, the fork goes easily get out of the 3 point. The Log true in the test error free.

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There we will immediately answer your questions about the fork.

The mod can be uploaded without permission on any other page !!
Should this Skipping doses, please use the original link.

Hektiker, Maik, Schwarzald Modding

  • Jon


    2015-07-31 01:41
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    bales don't attach
  • Trucky
    2015-07-31 07:52
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    Not techo enough myself to do mods but could someone be able to come up with a sideways (l/r) moving balefork. Would make it so much easier to load, an more realistic as there are ones available.
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