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Fontaine Magnitude 55 V2 - TechnicMods
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Fontaine Magnitude 55 V2 - TechnicMods


I present to you the official TechnicMods Fontaine Magnitude Farming Simulator Low Boy release for Farming simulator 2015.  This is a great all around lowboy for the farm.  A few things have been fixed that listed below. There is still an issue with the neck staying in place after disconnecting from the deck that I am working on so hopefully that will be out soon in a new version.  There are two zip files inside the main zip file that need to be placed inside your mods folder.  Feel free to share your feedback and any input on our lowboy forum page.

Farming Simulator Low Boy V2.0:

  • Neck is adjustable.
  • Fixed the axles.
  • Adjusted some collisions.
  • Adjusted width.

Farming Simulator Low Boy V1.0:

  • Initial Release.

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  • Technicmods
    2015-12-13 23:25 Send message
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    The controls to make the neck move are (L + R) mouse buttons and mouse up/down.
  • Name
    2015-12-14 00:13 Send message
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    Great idea directing the mod download to the actual site. Hope everyone starts doing this.
  • Technicmods
    2015-12-14 00:45 Send message
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  • Stolen
    2015-12-14 00:56 Send message
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    it is stolen from offspring gaming
  • Technicmods
    2015-12-14 01:20 Send message
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    You must be thinking of the other lowboy that was bought off of Turbo Squid. The model is from the FS13 Fontaine Magnitude.
  • Nameless
    2015-12-14 05:14 Send message
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    your not missing much noname, i became a member just to download version 2 and boy what a waste. version 2 is no better if not worse than version 1. i have a buddy who edited it and hasn't shared it with me yet, but if he can do it, i don't see why others can't. this thing here is a piece of shit. still not wide enough for a combine either.
  • Technicmods
    2015-12-14 18:54 Send message
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    Sorry you feel that way @NAMELESS. It is a work in progress and other version will be out in the future that has the expanding deck.
  • James
    2015-12-15 00:21 Send message
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    Not sure if I am doing something wrong... But does anyone else find the gooseneck difficult to attach to the trailer? When first bought the gooseneck is laying on the ground with the hitch low to the ground... Impossible to hook the truck to it. I had to use a forklift to pick it up so the truck could back under neath it. Once goose neck is attached to truck, gooseneck swings around the attaching point freely which makes lining it up on the trailer VERY DIFFICULT..
  • 69


    2015-12-15 05:04 Send message
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    hi this mod works fine... i like to 69 when i think about this mod!
  • @69


    2015-12-15 15:08 Send message
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    @69 this mod does NOT work fine. you have to use a forklift to get the gooseneck hooked up. v2 did fix the gooseneck swinging all over the place once hooked but it's still dam near impossible to hook up to the flat bed. AND i'm not sure what you can haul with this. my combine straddles and not one wheel gets on the deck. my tractors are just as wide.
  • Technicmods
    2015-12-15 21:44 Send message
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    The neck works fine on the in game Mann truck. The in game Mann truck has a collision on the rear end of the frame so the neck does not drag the ground when move. Most trucks that this has been tested don't have collision on the back frame so the neck drags and swings around. You get the same result with a truck that sits too low to the ground and has the collision as well. Where currently working on fixing this problem.
  • Technicmods
    2015-12-16 00:42 Send message
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    The neck spawn if fixed and will be out in the next version. See below.https://technicmods.com/forums/topic/v1-1-release-notes/
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-16 09:48 Send message
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    Version 3 is out. http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/fontaine-magnitude-55-v-3-3/
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