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Ford 8N v1.0
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Ford 8N v1.0

Hello dear people today I present you the little Ford8N ago
Does the little with its 30 hp
fabulous 40 KM / H
He is especially well on small courtyards Good as it does not cost too much in entertainment
the acquisition price for the small amounts to around 6500 Euronen
The Daily amusing If just 5 Euronen
He has a small 3-point linkage and thus to press a lowattacher say they're willing :)
this mod is my thank you for 1,000 like's on my fb page: https: //www.facebook.com/pages/Harry-der-Modder/220020864817071
looks but also stop by and let nen thumb there :)

so again the bad part:
-it is prohibited rebuilt it in any fashion, umgeskinnt or else what to bring to the dl!
-it is prohibited without my permission andeers offer him somewhere to dl!

But so much fun with the small

Harry Modding

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