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Ford Dually Metalic Blue v2.0
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Ford Dually Metalic Blue v2.0

I forgot to put in the previous version engagement for semitrailer, but I bring you guys in this version the truck with this additional.

Alagoas modding

  • Thawk09
    2016-01-27 02:34
    Iv not even checked it in game yet but can already tell from pics it woud be A lot better with some normal sized wheels on my god they must be 24.5 semi wheels they look like [email protected]#%
  • Farmallf12
    2016-01-27 07:41
    jim you are rude and it is not nice to tell people to kill themselves
  • Farmboy
    2016-01-27 22:46
    This is a super nice truck. But I don't like how it shines so much in-game and certain ways your positioned it turns orange. How do you get rid of that shining?
  • Thawk09 is not wrong
    2016-01-28 05:04
    No Thawk09 is right, the huge wheels look like crap. You would never see than on a farm. And you wouldn't see it so shiny that it almost glows in the dark either.
  • Nick
    2016-01-29 13:26
    See this is what is happening great modders aren't wanting to make mods because they are being bashed and criticized take for example Theoffspringgaming or KingMerc they have had there mods stolen and have been bashed
  • Peterpiper
    2016-01-30 00:59
    Some don't like the "semi" wheels on the truck but there are in fact Ford F350's, Rams and even Chevy's here in the USA that are running these exact size wheels, in real life. Not a fan myself but if they have $5000-10,000 dollars to spend on tires and wheels, more power to them.
  • Russell bannister
    2016-02-29 04:04
    Why's everyone bashing everyone's mods? As long as it works as it's supposed to, and looks decent, that's what matters. Personally, I'm more partial to the stock wheels, but these wheels are well-proportioned for the truck. Well done!
  • Chiefromne
    2017-02-22 20:50
    How can I privately contact creator?
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